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The need for storage services is not unique to residential customers. All supply chains have at least some need for freight to be staged, stored, and deployed. And clients who have a need for storage services aren't in that situation accidently necessarily. In fact, most customers with storage needs have storage needs as part of their business design. 

By way of an example, a local bakery in Houston is wildly successful. And they've figured out that buying sugar in bulk is far cheaper than going down to a neighborhood Walmart and purchasing sugar one pound at a time. But each bakery does not have the space needed to store sugar in bulk. But Timeline Logistics does. 

So on or about once each month, Timeline will receive a large shipment of sugar. We receive it in by the trailer load. And as each bakery consumes its sugar, we get daily calls for the delivery one or two sacks of sugar from each bakery. Timeline receives the product in the door in bulk orders. Timeline then inventories the sugar and pulls from that stock as orders come in via pick tickets. Timeline then uses its Courier Service to deliver individual orders to each bakery. We delivery in bulk and deliver by the each. And while there is a marginal cost to short-term warehousing, the savings from a bulk purchase far outweighs the cost of storage. 

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Satisfied Customer:

Customer satisfaction. Customers are able to use storage services to manage inventory levels.  


Reduced fees:

Our warehousing cost are lower as facilities are not normally temperature controlled. 


Reduce Damages:

Less handling less damages. Items are only touched three times, upon receiving, loading, & delivery. 

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