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Timeline Logistics is centrally dispatched. Our dispatchers have a list of scheduled courier drivers on standby, ready to make your delivery.  We use best in class courier service software to keep track of our vehicles and drivers. Our courier services are best in class and offer a variety of service types for your convenience. Our courier services are on-demand services, or they can be scheduled, depending on our customer's needs. Try out our courier services today and receive your first order free of charge. Our transportation management solutions allow our customers to focus their time on their core business while Timeline manages their shipping and distribution needs. Our operators are standing by to answer any questions you might. Thank you. Timeline offers its customer's the highest level of support with a variety of services. Our services include same-day courier services, transportation & logistics services, and an array of warehousing services. Thank you, again, for choosing time. Lets us know if we can be of service. 

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We offer On-Demand delivery of time-critical parts inside the great state of Texas. In addition, we offer Same-Day White Glove delivery of products as a first and final mile carrier. 



Timeline Logistics has provided courier services in Texas since its inception. We've grown our business services to include Warehousing Services, Cross docking services, Fulfillment, & Distribution Services, but as a foundation for our growth strategy we've always remained faithful to Courier Services. 

The courier service industry has changed over the years and continues to change today. First with the advent of Fax machines, critics claimed that courier services were a thing of the past. Today, drones and the arrival of Uber echo similar voices. Whatever the changes, Timeline is committed to being an early adaptor in our space. We are students of our craft, and we know we'll continue to provide our customers with courier services in the years to come. Our customers will change and how we provide our services will also change. Thank you for your continued support. 


Over the years, we've expanded our fleet of company vehicles while still maintaining a solid float of independent contractors as couriers. 

The expanding fleet and company vehicles give us greater control over the timing and the way in which we meet customer demands. Our vehicles have also increased in size. Today, we own an increasing number of bobtail units as our White Glove services have grown in recent years. 

We understand that drones are here. And we know that drones have weight restrictions over packages they can carry. For this reason, we've focused on growing our deliveries of larger items. Our focus then has been to grow into a provider of Same-day, White Glove services. These services require Bobtails and often two men crews to get a product delivered to our customer's front door on time and on schedule. 



Software – Xcelerator
EDI Friendly – Yes
Online Entry – Yes
Availability –  24/7
Centralized Dispatch – Yes
Delivery Radius – 500 miles


On-Demand (Hotshot)
Pick & Pull
Next Flight Out
After Hours & Weekends
White Glove
First & Final Mile


24ft Bobtail (two man crew)
24ft Bobtail (single driver)
Cargo Vans
Dry Van & Power Unit
16ft Bobtails

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