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Our facilities have dock-high bay doors for the convenience of our customers. Many of our clients don't know they'll need to cross dock in one of our markets before freight reaches its final destination. So whether planned or unexpected, we make Cross-Docking easy. With the proper lead time, Timeline can accommodate and receive trucks after hours or on the weekend. Each facility is equipped is forklifts and we warehouse personnel on standby ready to react to our customer's request. 

Timeline offers flexible hours for Cross-docking. We understand that the need for a Cross-dock can sometimes be unannounced. Give us a call and we'll get your freight in and out of our facilities in no time at all. Thank you for choosing Timeline Logistics. 

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Each Cross-Dock is different, but here is how orders are usually handled. The 1, 2, 3's, of Cross Docking...explained.



Step 1: 

We get the call & freight hits our dock. It is not unusual for our customers to inform us of the need for a cross dock after freight is already in transit. Once our customers contacts us with an estimated arrival date/time, our warehousemen are alerted and go on standby. We have dock high facilites, forklift, pallet jacks, and man-power ready on a moments notice to get our customers freight off loaded and turned around quickly. Freight is usually in a consolidated form, and will need to be fine sorted either by order, by product type, or by destination.  

Step 2: 

We process freight in accordance with our customers needs and specifications.  Each Cross Docking job is different. Freight can be process either by a lone forklift operator, or we can provide a sort crew to process & sort orders manually. 

Timeline can tag, sort, make ready, or simply split loads on short notice and with little lead time. Our Cross Docking rates vary from job to job, but normally account for an inbound, a cross dock fee, and for making the product ready for outbound delivery. 

Step 3: 

Once we've process freight in accordance with our customers specifications, we are ready to complete the Cross Docking job. Timeline will load and make freight ready for shipping. 

Timeline can make arrangement for local deliveries to be made on our fleet of vehicles, or we can coordinate with line haul carries and shippers in order for our customers freight to be picked up from our facility and tendered to a 3rd party carrier. Timeline Logistics will provide our customers with notifications of jobs once we're done. 

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