Courier Service Technology

Offering the latest Courier Technology

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Courier Service technology is at the center of our growth strategy. Our front and back office technologies enable our customers to place, track, and confirm their orders in real time.

Primary Technologies

Timeline Logistics offers the latest courier service technologies for Courier, Warehousing, EDI interfaces, Dispatching, and in our back office. The below chart will provide you with a short overview of some of our technologies. 

Accounting TechnologiesBarCode TechnologiesEDI TechnologiesCourier TechnologiesInventory Technologies
Digital InvoicesSKU/Location codeFlat files capableSignature CaptureFIFO (first in first out)
Custom layoutsSpeed Print LabelingMass Import via EDIReal-time POD'sFEFO (first expired first out)
Term flexibleInbound Over/UnderO S & D ReportsVehicle Load ScanOnline Portal Reports
Digital BOL captureChain of CustodyTwo way transmissionDelivery ScanScanned cycle counts


Courier Service Technology Continued…

Other Technologies we Offer…

GPS Technology

Timeline Logistics customers experience real-time tracking of deliveries. Through utilization of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), we get to provide real-time tracking of assets with delivery reporting.

Here at Timeline, we strive to innovate by applying courier service technology solutions to our processes. Inquiries are first handled by frontline Customer Service Representatives (CSR) and, based on the specifics of the issue; they either advise the customer of an exact resolution or, if additional research is required, our CSR promotes your needs to designated representatives to handle the case.

Back Office Interface: Our dispatch and back office are also automated. Our system will give you access to over 120 reports such as:

  • On-time deliveries reports
  • Aged trial balance reports
  • Accounts receivable/payable reports
  • Job summary reports

We take pride in the courier service part of our operation. We also take great pride in our warehousing branch. Technology is the common denominator in both these services and we believe we owe it to our customers to keep the latest technology the courier service industry has to offer. Timeline Logistics will continue to invest in technology in order to ensure that we able to offer our customers the best courier service experience. And if you use Timeline Logistics for warehousing services, we’ll be sure to earn your trust through technology as well as customer service. We have an excellent team of professionals that can ensure quality of service.